Private Training


Private Training sessions are 50 minutes in duration and are designed specifically to meet the goals of the individual.  After your initial consultation and complete assessment, an exercise program will be developed specifically for you, based on your goals.  Our team of experts will help to streamline your goals, make them realistic, and achievable.


The founder of the PFC – A Kreig Marks, is an internationally known name in Parkinson's and Movement Disorder fitness training. His lengthy background in Movement Disorders, along with Physical Therapy, Kinesiology, Sports Medicine, Exercise Physiology, as well as his dynamic approach to creating innovative challenges, is a big reason why.  


Because every client responds differently to exercise programs, our Private Training program at the PFC is designed with each individual client’s health and personal goals in mind. Our team of experts utilize the latest research in Parkinson's, MS and other Movement Disorders along with the fields of Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Sports Science, Sport Psychology, and injury prevention and rehabilitation.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


A. Kreig Marks began his HIIT Program for people living with PD in 1995.  He firmly believed that exercise performed at a high level of intensity rather than slow, controlled exercises, (within each client's limitations), was necessary to improve the functional levels of these people.  His case studies confirmed this theory.  Kreig also believed that these types of exercises would help control the symptoms and slow the progression of PD.   In 2015, several research studies have confirmed Marks' long held beliefs.  


Interval Training (indoor and/or outdoor circuit training,) is a system of exercises (private or semi-private or in a group,) designed to achieve your desired goals in the shortest possible time.  It combines two resistance and cardio, all in a shorter period of time (30 to 40 minutes in duration,) with minimal rest in between sets. 


For all of our Parkinson's Exercise Programs, we emphasize cognitive involvement along with multiple joint and muscular movements.  We place emphasis on the duration of the exercise repetitions and sets over the resistance.  


Resistance is created through the use of weights or bands or simply your own body weight. The sessions are designed as short bursts of activity, followed by even shorter periods of rest to enable recovery. This extremely effective way to maintain your metabolic rate greatly benefits people who have Parkinson's by helping the brain stimulate dopamine production. 

Non-Contact Boxing (Where it all began)


Our Non-Contact Boxing program, (the first of it's kind in the country), which Kreig was the first to develop back in 1994, is a very dynamic exercise that utilizes your entire body and continuously challenges and strengthens your balance, endurance and coordination.


Utilizing non-contact boxing drills including heavy bags and speed bags, after a 30 minute session, you will be ready to take on the world!

Stair Training

Are you ready to "step up" your training?


Our Stair Training Program, safe and effective, was designed to improve your strength, balance, coordination, muscular and cardiovascular endurance.


You will learn how to conquer curbs, ramps and steps in a safe and energy conserving manner.  


Taking it one step at a time, this is a program that reaps results in a very short period of time.  At the PFC, this is a very important part of our program we encourage our members to participate in.

Mountain Bike Training 


-Reminder:  All exercise programs at the PFC are designed specifically for people with Movement Disorders.  Age, stage and ability levels are taken into consideration before beginning any of our programs.  


Want more of a challenge or a change of pace set in nature? Then it's time to progress to our Mountain Bike Training Program.  This program enhances balance, coordination and cardiovascular endurance.  Featuring multi-levels from beginner to advanced and different terrain from flat surfaces to low hills.  A fun, safe program - rapidly gaining popularity in the exercise community.