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(As of October 2019, Now offering Home-Based Training in
Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Boynton Beach)
Since 1994, improving the lives of those living with Movement Disorders
through unique exercise, health and fitness programs.

Specialized Exercise Programs For:

  • Parkinson's Disease

  • Multiple Sclerosis 

  • Ataxia

  • Inclusion Body Myositis

  • Myasthenia Gravis

  • ALS


May 3, 2016


My name is Alan Jackowitz.  I am an author, former CPA and long-time client of the Parkinson's Fitness Center.  I was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2008, one day before my 50th birthday.  I was having difficulty with my balance and dragging my feet when walking, nearly falling several times.  My doctor had me go through a few weeks of out-patient physical therapy. It helped me a bit but when I was discharged I was concerned about  being able to maintain what I had improved with PT. I wanted to make sure I kept my symptoms at bay and knew I had to exercise but did not know what to do or where to start.  I didn't want to exercise at just any place. Being recently diagnosed, I was very self-conscious. I asked my doctor if there was a place I could go where they had specific programs for people like me.

My doctor didn't hesitate.  "Actually, I've got good news for you. There is a place like that and it's pretty close to where you live.  It's called the Parkinson's Fitness Center.  Give them a call and set up a consultation.  The owner, Kreig Marks, is a physical therapist and personal trainer. This is the only place in South Florida that specializes in exercise programs specific for people with PD and other types of movement disorders.  I've known Kreig for many years and he is the only person I would recommend. His exercise programs are very different from anything you've ever seen or tried.  He's been interviewed on TV and in newspapers all over the country. He and his staff have over 100,000 combined clinical hours and 35 years experience working with people of all ages and stages of PD and other movement disorders."


After listening to my doctor, I was convinced. So, after I left his office, I called Kreig. That was in November of 2008.  In that brief telephone call, I felt like I had known Kreig forever. I went in for a consultation a few days later and I've been exercising with him 2 to 3 days a week ever since. He's become one of my dearest friends.  Without Kreig and the PFC, I know that my symptoms would have progressed quickly and I'd be in very bad shape.  


Eight years later, I'm still independent, still drive, still do everything I've always done. Some things I've had to modify a bit but otherwise, I'm doing very well.  


If you've been diagnosed with PD or some other movement disorder, either recently or several years ago, I highly recommend you give Kreig a call TODAY and get yourself into the PFC now.  He's going to push you and motivate you. I promise you, you will see improvements in a short time and feel so much better. Otherwise, you are going to decline rapidly and progress quickly with your symptoms. Remember, you're not alone in this.  All these diseases effect your family too, especially if you lose your independence. Do this for yourself and for them.  I not only speak for myself but for the countless others who attend the PFC every day.  If you want to speak to me about my personal experiences and success with Kreig and the PFC, I would be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Alan Jackowitz




May 10, 2016


My name is Melanie Darvidoff.  In February of 2014, I thought my world was coming to an end.  I was almost 51 years old, a wife, mother and successful New York attorney. I had a busy practice and a busy and fulfilled life.  I traveled a lot across country for business meetings and was fortunate to be able to travel for pleasure.  And one day, I started noticing that when I walked, I would drag my left foot and I was starting to have some shaking with my left hand.  I scheduled an appointment with my primary care physician and he referred me to a neurologist affiliated with NYU.  Within a few minutes, the neurologist diagnosed me with Young Onset Parkinson’s.  I didn’t understand how this could be happening.  I was only 52 years old and anything I’d ever heard about Parkinson’s seem to be with the older population.

I went into a deep depression, stopped socializing, stopped scheduling a lot of clients and my symptoms became worse.   I never exercised.  My husband and I then decided to move to South Florida. 

A few months ago, I saw a story on the news about a local boxing program for people who had Parkinson’s so I decided to give it a try. I only attended one session.  The instructors were nice but honestly, they lacked the knowledge and experience I felt I needed to help combat my disease.  They didn’t know anything about medication or much about Parkinson’s or movement disorders.  I asked how long they had been doing this and they said about a year.  Before that they only offered boxing classes to people who were healthy and saw an opportunity to get “weekend certified” as a “Rock Steady Boxing” facility to increase their profits, so they attended a weekend class and got ” Rock Steady” Certified.  I researched and discovered that this is only an in-house certification and basically a useless piece of paper.  I wish I had known that prior.  My depression seemed to get worse and I was about to give up.

Two weeks ago, a new client came into my office seeking legal advice.  During our brief introduction, she mentioned she had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s 7 years ago.  I could barely tell she had the disease.  I told her of my diagnosis only 3 years ago.   My symptoms were already more noticeable than hers.  She asked if I exercised.  I told her of my recent experience.  She referred to Kreig Marks and the Parkinson’s Fitness Center.  I had no idea what it was about or what to expect, but, I picked up the phone and called Kreig.  During our phone conversation, he was very sensitive to my feelings and fears and very knowledgeable of the disease and its progression.  I was impressed with his expansive resume and references.  I scheduled a consultation with him. 


A couple days later, I saw my neurologist in Boca and asked him about exercise.   He said it would be great for me to begin and said he had the perfect person for me.  He wrote down a name and telephone number on a piece of paper and handed it to me.  He said, "call Kreig Marks, he is the best at the type of exercise you need."  I began to laugh and told him about my client who referred me to him.  His response, "that's a smart client."  Contacting my neurologist at NYU to get copies of my medical records, he too knows of Kreig very well and refers a lot of snowbirds to him.  Who was this guy I was going to be entrusting to my Parkinson's fitness?  

A couple days later I had a consultation with Kreig.  He's very intelligent, kind and very humble.  He's not comfortable talking about his accomplishments.  Two days later I had my first session with him at my home.  It was not easy but Kreig modified exercises to my ability level.  I won’t lie, I am very out of shape.  I’m going to be a challenge for him.   The next day, I was very sore.  But strangely, I felt much better than I have in a long time.  I had my next session a few days later.  During my 3rd session, we exercised outdoors.  I met two guys there who also had Parkinson’s, Dale and Chris.  They are nuts!  They’ve been training with Kreig for over 2 years now and both do mountain bike racing.  (Kreig got them started on that too.)  On my next session, we met outdoors again and Kreig had me bring my son’s mountain bike.  Dale, Chris and I did a 30-minute mountain bike circuit around a trail at a local park (well, they did, mine was more like 15 minutes).  It was unbelievably difficult.  But, I did it.  Chris and Dale were wonderful.

I am now hooked!  This is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time.  I’m not a masochist but I can’t wait for my next session(s).  It’s given me a whole new outlook on my life with Parkinson’s.  I cannot thank my client enough for referring me to Kreig. 

If you have Parkinson’s and don’t exercise, get started now!  Better yet, call Kreig Marks and have him guide you. He travels to you.  He does not accept insurance but his fees are very fair and worth every cent.  

Melanie Darvidoff


June 3, 2021

I've been training with Kreig now for over 5 years and I feel great.  I do have days when I have more symptoms but for the most part, they're under control.  I still train with Kreig 3 days a week at my home and 2 years ago, I ran my first 5k.  Yes, he helped train me for that too.  I now do about 10 a year and I'm hooked.  Physically, I feel I look better than I ever did.  My husband agrees.  I have great muscle tone and a lot more strength than I did when I was younger.  Kreig has been such a gift and I am so thankful I found him.  I've also returned the favor and have referred him to several other people who have Parkinson's.  He trains all of them independently and specifically for their abilities.