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Client Testimonials
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Matt James (Lead singer for Alt Rock Band Blacktop Mojo)  September 2022


I am a professional musician/singer and am currently on hiatus from a recent tour. I will be resuming a  tour in March of 2023 and need to be in great stage shape. Being that I also have lower back issues, it was important for me to find a personal trainer with a very strong background in spinal issues.

Kreig's credentials, experience, knowledge, and professionalism set him apart from many other trainers.  It was also encouraging that he has worked with many professional singers, athletes and celebrities and is very respectful of our privacy.

After meeting with Kreig and going over my goals, medical history and what I required to be in "stage shape," Kreig put together an outstanding program. I could not be happier. He also makes it easy to reach him via telephone if I have any questions. Once I resume my tour in March, I will continue to train with Kreig several times per week via Skype.

Overall, phenomenal trainer and I highly recommend him.

Matt James


"Since the age of 6, I've gone through more types of training for football than I care to remember.  All that hard training brought me to college as a highly recruited linebacker and then to the NFL.  After I retired as an NFL player, I wanted to continue to exercise every day, to stay in shape for myself and for my kids.  I was referred to Kreig by one of my former teammates and it's been a blessing and a curse.  When you first meet Kreig, he is not the biggest guy in the room by any means but his heart, attitude, dedication to his clients and knowledge make him a giant.  (Once again, I apologize for vomiting on your mats Kreig.  Next time, take it easier on me!)

Marvin Jones

July 2015


"What can I say about Kreig Marks that hasn't already been said by others who know him and have had the privilege to train with him?  He is the best, hands down.  He has more knowledge than any trainer I've ever worked with, and, as a very fortunate and grateful Fitness Model, I depend on my trainers to keep me in top shape year round. 


I was introduced to Kreig in 2015 through my modeling agency (after they did a lot of research to find the best trainer for me) and they struck gold.  He is not only a phenomenal trainer (the best I've every worked with) but a phenomenal person.  Whether we do our sessions at his studio or through Skype when I'm in LA or other places, he is amazing.  


Thank you Kreig for keeping me in shape and in check!  


Stacey Barton

October 2022

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