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Our Mission:

"To improve the lives of those living with Movement Disorders through unique exercise, health and fitness programs."

The PFC staff pushes the envelope of traditional therapy by incorporating strength training and non-traditional training methods to help each one of our clients regain their independence and confidence.

PFC is committed to being the finest movement disorders fitness center in the nation by:

  • Hiring professionally educated trainers that are up to date with the most recent findings and developments in the movement disorders community;

  • Creating individualized training programs designed to get the most out of each client based on our comprehensive evaluation process and core training modalities – which include cognitive training, strength, balance, gait, postural, coordination and endurance training.

  • We consistently montior the progress of our clients and training staff to ensure consistent growth and improvement in all areas;

  • Reducing the risk of secondary illnesses by consistent improving our clients overall mobility;

  • Enhancing each client’s self-confidence, sense of well-being, and overall health;

  • Instill a motivating, strong-willed training environment with cutting edge trainers that push every client to reach their recovery goals. 

Our Core Values

We promote positive thinking which leads to positive outcomes. We emphasize the words "can" so that with continued effort you will believe you can and will achieve only positive results. 

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